None of us can solve the world’s environmental problems alone, but together we can make sure we do our part.

Sustainable gatherings and travel

Two things are certain: a clean environment promotes good health and almost all environmental damage is the result of human actions. By striving to organise events, congresses, conferences and travel that are as environmentally-friendly as possible, Travel Team helps promote a better and more sustainable environment.

We make sure you have the tools you need to plan and carry out your event in the most eco-friendly way possible. We also offer you an easy way to compensate for your travel’s impact on the climate.

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Travel Team’s eco-concept

Good planning gets the best results, especially when it comes to caring for the environment. We make sure to clearly communicate your environmental policy to those involved so that everyone is aware of your efforts and works in harmony with your environmental goals. Registration, follow-ups and invoicing are all done digitally and we use eco-friendly social media to spread the word. For example, your social media post might read something like this: “During the event, all food waste from the restaurant will be converted into biogas and all waste will be sorted for recycling. Thanks for your cooperation!”
First, we analyse your needs – are goods and services being used efficiently? Are all the materials necessary – name tags, printed programmes and gifts? We require venues and suppliers to use eco-labelled consumables and cleaning supplies and make sure to offer accommodation at facilities with environmental certifications.
Our best eco-tip: Serve locally-produced or organic foods and tap water instead of bottled water, which requires transportation.
The best way to reduce pollution is to reduce consumption, especially of disposable items. We make sure to sort as much waste as possible for recycling and recycle both plastic and metal. We convey a clear message to your participants about how and why they should sort and recycle their waste.
Do you really need so much power and heat, or can you reduce your energy consumption? We can help you source electricity with a Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) classification, buy shares in wind power, install solar cells, or heat your venue using renewable energy sources. We impose environmental requirements on our venues and can compensate for your event’s impact on the climate, either by buying emission rights or by investing in development projects related to energy efficiency or renewable energy.
The link between transportation and environmental damage is strong, primarily because the consumption of vehicle fuel releases carbon dioxide. We encourage all of your guests to take public transportation to and from your event and make sure that the venue is situated close to railway stations and bus terminals, for example.
We’re working to reduce water consumption and ask event participants not to waste water. Any environmentally-toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, petroleum spirits or chloride compounds used at a function pass right through water treatment plants, so it’s especially important that we, as event organisers, prevent incorrect disposal and support the environmental targets in place.