Slide 3 months’ strategic project management Slide Venue, bus and marquee bookings Slide Cue sheet for gala banquet and entertainment Slide Evaluation and financial summary What you get:
A successful event – a truly memorable evening

What we deliver:

An event should be more than just a marquee and a comedian

Why? Because events are a powerful strategic tool for building and strengthening your brand. We make sure to ask the right questions so we fully grasp just how the event will boost your organisation in both the short and long term. What do you want to achieve? For whom?

Our approach involves working closely with you, the host. First, we devote time and energy to making sure we fully understand the event’s purpose and aims. Next, we add structure and creativity to this foundation by preparing a project schedule, detailed plan and cost estimate. Once these are in place, we add resources from our team to drive the project to a successful conclusion.

In other words, we do what it takes to get you the results you want.

We manage your events with true flair, turning them into special occasions that go above and beyond in getting you results.

Looking to hold an outstanding event?

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Need some inspiration?

Events with a difference

London – an eternal classic

45 sports nerds watch football and eat fish ‘n’ chips

Enjoy a real Martini at Ian Fleming’s favourite hang-out, Dukes Bar

Meet birds of a feather in Hyde Park

Enjoy theatre in the West End – the perfect finish to a great trip

Great expectations, tiny budget

A sales competition took us to Warsaw

Unbeatable value for money

Exciting and spooky history – worthwhile!

Concluding dinner at charming Delicja Polska

Åre, Sweden’s own Alps

70 consultants network in the hotel’s "living room"

Dinner at Buustamons Fjällgård restaurant

Seminars & courses at Copperhill Mountain Lodge

Driver training course at Åre Winter Driving Center

Hit top speed in Dubai

Customer activity with 70 guests

F1 in Abu Dhabi

Study visit to The Palm’s construction site

Barefoot dinner with camels in the desert

Berlin on an autumn evening

510 building & construction consultants attend a conference

Private chartered flight and transport from 16 cities

Oktoberfest at Fischershütte restaurant

Everyone home on time with no mishaps