Slide Deals with hundreds of airlines & hotels Slide Self-booking system Slide 24-hour service Slide On-time airport pick-up What you get:
A successful business trip

What we deliver:

Finding you the ultimate airline ticket is just part of the service

Travel Team’s Corporate Travel Customers enjoy service and customer care that goes above and beyond. Your dedicated team will go the extra mile to get you the best price on your ticket, the right rental car and a table with a view at your favourite restaurant!

Saving you time and money is at the heart of everything we do.

Your own personal travel account, online booking and personal service make travel arrangements with us simple, secure and economical. Our partnership with Egencia/Expedia Inc. – the world’s largest travel agency – means we have the best deals in place with both airlines and over 190,000 hotels around the world. For you, this means the best price and the best opportunity for a pleasant trip. Every single time.

With Travel Team, personal service is always just an e-mail or phone call away. Prefer to book your own travel? Our 24-7 self-booking portal is full of prime travel deals based on hundreds of suppliers’ agreements spanning the entire globe.

Our experience, contacts and insider know-how ensure that your business trip will always be a success. Friendly and reliable. Safe and secure. That’s Travel Team.

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Business travel up close

For travel management solutions to be truly efficient, they must be simple. With one card, one travel account, one customised booking site and personal service just a phone call away you don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy on daily travel arrangements. Our systems automatically choose the best money-saving alternatives and booking your trip takes just a few quick keystrokes. That’s it. All your expenses are logged in one travel account that gives you both full control over your spending and easy access to statistics.
No matter where in the world you are or where you’re headed, we will take care of your booking changes, cancellations and last-minute flight, hotel and rental car bookings. As a traveller, access to our 24-hour service within the Nordic region offers greater convenience: help is available when the unexpected happens and you can change your tickets through the same channels available during regular working hours. Our helpline partner has access to your profiles and customer agreement, so they will be able to provide you with all the same helpful services that we do during regular working hours.
Your own personal self-booking system lets you book flights (incl. budget flights), train tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and airport taxis 24-7 via our website. You can also view flights and train travel on the same site, which makes comparison of times and prices easy. You can even upload your own corporate agreements and company travel policy for easy reference. It’s the smart solution for hassle-free travel bookings.
Our mobile app lets you easily book flights, train tickets and hotels from you mobile with all the convenience of our standard self-booking system. You have full access to your profiles, company travel policy and agreement prices. This makes booking exceptionally simple and convenient. It also ensures compliance with your travel policy at all times.
We’ve chosen to partner with First Card to offer our Corporate Travel Customers and their companies the best possible administrative routines for business travel. As one of Travel Team’s contracting customers, you have the advantage of using a First Card travel agency account, with easy administration, up to 45 days’ credit and an attractive supplementary insurance policy for travellers.
Travel statistics help your company understand its travel habits. They provide data that help you calculate your climate compensation and negotiate agreements with airlines, hotels and other suppliers. A convenient summary gives you a solid handle on your travel, including basic statistics, customised statistics and environmental statistics.

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